5 takeaways about religion in Latin America

Religion, instead of drawing people in harmony as it should, has caused endless conflict around the world. Religion even spurs terrorism, but how does religion look in Latin America? Is everyone united on what they believe in? The 5 takeaways about religion in Latin America tell us that most Latin Americans are Christian, with most being Roman Catholics. There is also a move towards Protestant denominations, which is evident in countries like Puerto Rico, Brazil and Guatemala. The second aspect is that people in the Central American nations like Guatemala and El Salvador are very committed to their religion while those in countries like Chile and Argentina are more secular.

shutterstock_145375342So Much Fascinating History

The interesting fact about Argentina is that the country has the largest community of Jews and Muslims living there. Surveys have been done about religion in Latin America, and it has been found that Protestant are more religiously observant than Catholics i.e. they go to church more often. They are also more likely to read scripture in their own time. There is much fascinating information about Latin America on alegeo.org. It includes all kinds of information from culture to food, to tourist attractions, and to the way religion has shaped in this Hispanic area. All this is shared on the website.

Shift in Religion from Catholic to Protestant

Just like the world mirrors nearly everything the Americans do, many of the findings of religion in Latin America also show this trend. The fourth aspect shows that although some 24% of Hispanics in the USA were raised Catholic, they have left Catholicism. The last takeaway is interesting because surveys conducted as to why so many Latin Americans are leaving the Catholic Church for Protestantism, the most frequently answered reason was that they wanted a closer relationship with God rather than an institution. These beliefs have influenced the religious make-up of Latin America and provide some insight into the successes and failures of different beliefs.