This particular website is mainly dedicated to presenting readily available digital info, data, documents and sources pertaining to the very many aspects of religion and all its vicissitudes and different points of view from a historical perspective. If the visitors to the web page feel an inkling of curiosity related to the historical aspects of religion, such as the Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism, Jainism, Shinto, Taoism, and Hinduism etc. and their very many different variations and adaptations.

Let us keep in mind that there are an incredible number and wide range of religions, cults, sects, and even non-official religions that have not attained the status of official religion yet or that are not recognized by international authorities and other official bodies. One such case of a set of religious beliefs and practices that have not attained the status of “official” is Scientology, which today seems to be rather popular, especially in glamorous environments in the US and among the rich and famous. In any case, Scientology seems to be gaining followers around the world, despite the ongoing discredit and criticism that has received in recent years.

Either way, the fact remains that religions do exist all over the world and some of them have the very same origins but interpret and put into practice their religion in different ways, that may or may not differ greatly from the religions that the average person might be familiar with, be it through media, attending school or simply from reading or surfing the internet.