Final Reflections on Religion

Final Reflections on ReligionReligions are nowadays rapidly losing followers, as many of you have probably noticed. The problem with religions is that they seem to be stuck in time which is at odds with modernity and science. It seems that amongst the most ridiculed, old-fashioned religions of all are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. since people who profess them keep showing, time and again, intolerance towards anything or anyone that is different. The great problem with religions is that their followers adopt them due to shallow reasons like tradition, habit, family mandates, etc.

Religions that lead people to fanatism have a common flaw and people that kill themselves in the name of Allah are as blind and stupid as those who fight for the eradication of condoms or against abortion. Both religious groups believe about their “unique god”, who is better than the other religion’s god. For example, one can think ironical of the way western countries defend freedom of speech as if it were some kind of religion too. In a way, it is ironical because western intellectuals might actually believe that there is such freedom in the first place. That we all have that freedom. That it is a sort of invaluable treasure which our democracies should fight to hold on to. However, there is no such thing as freedom of speech. It is merely a mirage. Freedom of speech will only be possible so long as it does not offend an idiot holding a gun. So, as long as half the population in the world are fanatics, the other half will never truly be free.

So, if making a joke might result in the possibility of someone shooting you or blowing you up for it, one could suspect that such joke might not be worth it. Therefore, as long as we continue to live in a society where people are intolerant, fanatic or violent, freedom of speech will never exist.